Near the end of the 2019 Iowa legislative session, SAVE (Secure an Advanced Vision for Education) was extended from 2029 to 2050.  SAVE is the 1% sales tax that school districts can use for construction, maintenance of roofs, buses, technology, etc.  It serves as property tax relief since the previous revenue stream had to come from local bond issues.

This has benefited the Clinton property tax payers greatly in the past fifteen years.  The construction of Eagle Heights, the new Jefferson, the new Clinton Middle School, and the high school wellness center, with the new competition pool, were all funded using SAVE.  This means everyone that makes purchases in the state of Iowa helps pay for these projects, taking the responsibility off local taxpayers.

As part of the new extension of SAVE, there is a requirement set by the legislature that the school districts must renew their Revenue Purpose Statement that would go to the voters to authorize the continued use of these revenues for school infrastructure.  The Clinton voters approved this use of funds in 2008.  At the November 5 election, the school district will be asking for approval of the renewal of the Revenue Purpose Statement for the 2050 extension.  Everyone will pay the 1% sales tax regardless.  Your vote allows the school district to use these funds as described in the Revenue Purpose Statement.

If you have questions about the proposed Revenue Purpose Statement, please contact me at



The Clinton Community School District is pleased to announce that it will begin offering services of Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates (iJAG) starting in December at Clinton Middle School.  The plan will be to expand the program to Clinton High School in subsequent years.

The following description of the mission of the iJAG program can be found on their website:

iJAG is the premier non-profit organization connecting business and education to provide the most cost-effective dropout prevention and school to career solutions in Iowa. Students in the iJAG program have trouble making it in a conventional classroom because of the distractions and barriers at home, outside the classroom or even inside the classroom. Relying on real-world, project-based instructional methods and an unconventional approach to personal connections with students, the iJAG teaching specialists work within conventional learning environments to help remove barriers and show students how to achieve the next step of their career or education. 

Clinton Community Schools is excited to offer this program service to its students.  If you have questions about the program, please contact me at

Thank you for your support of Clinton Schools!






The nomination window for the 2020 Clinton High School Hall of Honor is open until November 1, 2019.  The 2020 Class will be the second induction for the Hall of Honor and is scheduled for April 17, 2020.

The first Hall of Honor inductees, and categories that they were selected for, are William D. Conner  (Distinguished Military Service), Sandra Fullerton Joireman (Humanitarian Endeavors), Kyle Ketelsen (The  Arts), Dr. Fred Luthans (Accomplishments in Academic Fields),  and Krista Voda Kelley (Professional Career Accomplishments).  Two other categories that people may be nominated for are Public and/or Community Service and Exceptional Contributions to the Clinton School District.

The 2020 nomination form can be found at and may be emailed to or mailed to the Clinton Administrative Center, 1401 12th Avenue North, Clinton, IA  52732.


On August 26, the CHS Taskforce presented their vision for the future on Clinton High School.  This process has taken over a year of discussion.  Among the key discussion points:  site location, renovation of current building contrasted with a phased teardown/rebuild, keeping historic Yourd Gym versus building a new competition gym, and presenting a proposal that respects the efforts of the taxpayers.

Here is the link to the most current presentation:

In the next six months, the Task Force’s goal is to educate and answer all questions the community has about this option as the best step forward for the high school and the community at-large.  We welcome any groups or individuals that would like a tour of the existing building to see for yourself the issues behind the walls and underneath the floors.

Be the One

Clinton High School is beginning a new approach to engaging parents and high school students in the four year educational planning process.  The process is called “Be the One” where every CHS student will be paired with a staff member.  The following paragraph was in a recent high school communication to families:

There are many reasons we are piloting this program this year. The idea of a pre-conference is a part of our “Be the One” initiative for this school year. The idea behind it is that you and your children have a connection with at least one person at CHS that you know has an understanding of what you and your child want for their future. Sometimes life gets hectic and families don’t know where to turn because they don’t have a name or a face. With this initiative, everyone who has a child at CHS has that name or that face to turn to if they have a question or concern. This is especially important if you cannot get a hold of a specific teacher, counselor, or administrator right away. 

The district is excited by the possibilities of this structure.  The Future Workplace Iowa initiative is going to open multiple career pathways for high school.  Junior and senior year programming will become more focused on specific career exploration and less of the “general studies” many of us experienced in high school.  Much of this programming will be supported by a proposed Clinton County Regional Center and apprenticeship opportunities.

This will produce a need for proper planning of prerequisite classes extending down to the freshmen year.  Be the One is intended to be one major avenue of communication to parents and students to set those goals and have a plan in place to achieve them.

A member of the high school staff will be contacting families for a pre-conference on or before August 26.  Please work with us in this attempt to improve communication about your child’s future educational and workplace plans.

Before and After School Programming

As we move closer to the beginning of the school year on August 23, I would like to remind all parents of the purpose of two childcare services that will meet before or after school.

The first is the Student Adventures Afterschool Program in which your child must qualify based on academic  need.  The criterion for students to qualify is to fall below the 40th percentile as measured on the Iowa Assessments.  The program is available at all four elementary schools and the middle school.  Its description on the district website is as follows:

Our program has an emphasis on academic assistance and academic enrichment activities. The youth experience learning through visits to museums, science and art activities, multi-cultural activities, health and physical fitness activities as well as tutoring in math and reading and general homework assistance. Additionally, youth participants have the opportunity for recreational activities such as swimming, roller skating and bowling, among others.

If you have interest in or questions about this program, please contact Erica at or Loras at

The second childcare service is offered by the YWCA.  Based on demand, after school childcare will be offered at the following elementary schools:  Jefferson, Bluff, and Whittier.  At this point, not enough interest by Eagle Heights’ families has been shown.  However, transportation to the other sites will be provided if an Eagle Heights family would like childcare.  Unlike the school based program, there are no requirements to qualify for the YWCA program.

If you have interest in or questions about this program, please contact Shannon Sander-Welzien at

Thank you for your support of Clinton Schools!



CHS Adds Show Choir

Clinton High School has had a long history in the fine arts area.  We are excited to announce that CHS is adding Show Choir to this list of fine art opportunities for the 2019-2020 school year.

Mrs. Donica Vonderohe has spearheaded the effort to get this program off the ground for the upcoming school year.  If you are familiar with Show Choir, there are many components to fill:  costuming, platforms, choreography, and a pit, to name a few.  The plan for next year is to compete at State competition, along with presentations for some community events.  In subsequent years this may lead to Saturday events that are highly competitive.  Since this is a co-curricular event, a student must be in choir to participate in Show Choir.  Auditions will be held in September.

We are happy to provide this positive activity for our high school students.  Please contact Mrs. Vonderohe at for more information.