A Second Opportunity

Dear Clinton Supporters:

I’d like to thank all of you that have reached out to Kathy, my daughters, and myself during the past four months.  The reaction from the community has been overwhelming to say the least.  It has truly been a whirlwind and a dream for us.

I have had several of you ask why I considered coming back to Clinton.  First, my first sixteen years of education was as a math teacher and basketball coach at Clinton High School was an amazing experience.  I recall the work ethic of the Clinton High students with many showing up at 7:00 am or at 7:00 pm for extra help. I treasure the strong relationships that were built in the classroom or on the basketball court.  I remember many positive relationships with staff, and the dedication to excellence.

The second memory of the Clinton Community Schools is the impact on my three daughters.  All three began their educations at Henry Sabin and the older two advanced to Washington Middle School.  After our family left Clinton, all my daughters successfully completed high school and college degrees with high honors.  Today, all three are successfully making a difference as adults.  As a parent, I attribute part of my daughter’s successes to the strong educational foundation they experienced in the Clinton schools.

Ultimately, my decision to return to Clinton is the impact this district had on me at the beginning of my career.  I tried to positively impact every student that I had the chance to work with.  Many of these students are successful adults today.  An opportunity to come back the Clinton Community School District and to try to make a difference for the students of Clinton a second time is a dream for me.

There are  many challenges in  education today:  limited school funding, declining enrollment, and increased mandates.  However, there is great potential for Clinton Community Schools if the students, staff, businesses, and community work together.

Lets get started!

Gary DeLacy

Clinton Superintendent


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